Brick and Mortar

You are always building. Futures are designed by choices, and choice is the groundwork in which all things take shape, stability, and structure. Every so often, there is clear evidence of choice directly effecting consequence…choice of what school to go to, what career path to pursue, who to marry, and so on. These choices the average person can look at and immediately say to themselves ‘yes, this is a decision that will change what my life looks like.’ It isn’t exactly a large, unfamiliar assumption, as most of us know that we will all be met with such choices every so often, some more eager than others to come across.

Regardless of the mindset, the chooser will always go one direction or another, and with that, a marker is placed along the wall. The power of choice is often the most misunderstood, especially in today’s arenas of politics, ethics, and morals. It seems that an overwhelming majority of people believe that simply burying one’s head in the sand is the same thing as not having to make a choice, and with the constant onslaught of misinformation on television, slanted advertisements on billboards and radio, and an unrelenting wave of role models taking a high-powered magnet to society’s moral compasses, most people believe the best choice is no choice at all, and to allow things to just go by in an appealing umbrella of tolerance and ‘live and let live’ mentality. They are also laying the groundwork for their future; it is made out of straw, or at best, sticks.

Futuresight. A builder needs to know what they want the building to look like before it is completed; otherwise they will lose precious time tearing it down if they want to change their plans. In the same way, too many choices that are considered for a moment, decided on in an instant, and soon after reconsidered and broken down again results in many lives that are being built, and rebuilt, and rebuilt again. Nothing is finished. Nothing is definitive. And who can be comfortable in a building that isn’t made out of material that lasts?


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