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Brick and Mortar

You are always building. Futures are designed by choices, and choice is the groundwork in which all things take shape, stability, and structure. Every so often, there is clear evidence of choice directly effecting consequence…choice of what school to go … Continue reading

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The one where you can see things close up, but not far away

Before I had my first pair of glasses, I was always squinting to see things that others could see with little to no effort. It wasn’t that I didn’t intentionally squint; no, my constant hours in a darkened room staring … Continue reading

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‘Auld Lang Syne’ must be foreign for ‘don’t know the words’

The new year is here. The year that, since I was old enough to recognize both my favorite number and the future, I have been waiting to arrive. The funny part is, while I was waiting for the year to … Continue reading

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I’m pretty sure my watch is broken.

Wow. And another year flies by, even faster this time around than the last time I decided to start blogging followed by an immediate dismissal of said project due to lack of inspiration, time, or both. Regardless, this will be … Continue reading

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Okay…here we go again. For the third time in my life, I have decided to start blogging again. To be honest, I somewhat miss the feel of pen and paper while I write over the dull snaps of the keyboard; … Continue reading

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